veteran using Nerivio at VA office

The Department of Veterans Affairs reports that veterans are more likely to experience migraine than civilians.1

The Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study of 2016 ranks migraine, in years of life lived with disability, as the second most disabling disorder globally.2

veteran using Nerivio at VA office mobile

To order Nerivio, please follow these steps

1. Medical Provider submits order to Prosthetics/Pharmacy

Product Nerivio Refill pack for Nerivio
Item # FGD000075 Dev-NM-0120
FSS # 36F79721D0103 36F79721D0103
# of devices _____________ _____________

2. Prosthetics/Pharmacy faxes PO

Submit all POs for Nerivio by Fax to

FAX: 877-646-9848 or


ProCare customer service tel: 702-588-2911

Drug-free, easy-to-use, non-invasive device for the acute treatment of migraine

female veteran waring Nerivio
female veteran waring Nerivio


66.7% of patients  found relief from their migraine pain at 2 hrs post treatment.3


96.4% of patients studied did not report any device related side effects.3


89.7% of patients opted to treat with REN (Nerivio) to avoid medication use.4

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