Who is Nerivio intended for?

Nerivio is indicated for migraine patients 12 years of age or older. Nerivio should not be used by people with congestive heart failure, severe cardiac or cerebrovascular disease, or uncontrolled epilepsy.  Nerivio should not be used by anyone with active implantable medical devices (eg, pacemaker, hearing aid implant). It should only be applied on the upper arm over dry, healthy skin with normal physical sensation and without any metallic implants or in proximity to cancerous lesions. Nerivio has not been evaluated in pregnancy or those under the age of 12.

When should I use the Nerivio?

Nerivio is available by prescription only and is aimed to treat migraine attacks when they occur. For effective results, the treatments should be initiated as early as possible and always within 60 minutes of migraine headache or aura onset. Nerivio can be used for additional treatment sessions if the headache is not relieved or if it reoccurs.

Can I use Nerivio if my migraine has started over an hour ago?

Nerivio can be used to treat your migraines at any time. However, our clinical data show that Nerivio is more effective when used right when the symptoms start, therefore it is recommended to start treatments with Nerivio within 60 minutes of migraine headache or aura onset. Nerivio can also be used for additional treatment sessions if the headache is not relieved or if it reoccurs. Please consult with your doctor for further instructions on use.

Where can I buy the Nerivio?

Nerivio is available with a prescription at participating specialty pharmacies* as well as with our select Telemedicine partners.

*Participating specialty pharmacies are subject to change without notice.

I have a prescription for Nerivio. How do I order?

Have your Healthcare Professional fax the complete and signed ProCare Pharmacy prescription form to the number on the form. ProCare  will call you to verify your address and form of payment. If you do not hear from the pharmacy within 24 hours, please contact ProCare  directly at 877-210-1206.

ProCare Pharmacy will mail Nerivio directly to your home.

For further assistance, contact the Nerivio Cares Customer Support at (937)-637-4846

How do I connect Nerivio device to the app?

To connect Nerivio to the app you must enable Bluetooth on your smartphone. If you are using an Android phone, location access should be allowed, and location services should be turned on. The app will request you to allow these permissions. 

To connect a new Nerivio device to the app, turn on the device (a slow flashing green light indicates the device is on) and press ‘Connect Nerivio’ in the app. The first time you connect the Nerivio device to the app, it should be in proximity of less than 1 inch. Each device can only be associated with one user account.

If you have already connected the app to a specific Nerivio device, an automatic connection will be established once the device is turned on and the app is opened.

Should I use Nerivio on the same side of my headache?

Nerivio can be used on either arm independently from the side of the headache.

How do I turn off Nerivio?

Nerivio has the following automatic shut off features:

  • The first time the device is turned on to pair and set up, the device will shut off automatically after 10 minutes.
  • For all subsequent treatments, the device will give you 3 minutes to start the treatment and if not started, shuts off afterwards.
  • If you pause the device during a treatment, the device will automatically shut off after 5 minutes if treatment is not restarted. Only up to 3 treatment pauses can be used to ensure undisturbed treatment.
  • At the end of any treatment the device will automatically turn off after one minute.

These built in timers will not impact the device’s ability to provide twelve 45-minute treatments.

What is the armband for and how do I use it?

The armband should be wrapped around the device on your arm to improve the contact between the device and your skin. During your first use, you will need to adjust the armband to your size. There are 4 sizes you can choose from (S, M, L, XL). Use the extension for L and XL sizes. If the S size is still too loose to use, please contact Nerivio Cares at 1-866-637-4846 to have an XS armband sent to you.

At what intensity should I treat my migraine headaches?

You should set the treatment intensity level so it feels strong yet comfortable and not painful. This is important to maximize the clinical benefit of the treatment. The intensity can be adjusted in the app by touching the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons. To set the intensity to a personalized optimal level. Set the intensity at the beginning of your treatment and no need to change it during the 45 min treatment (unless you set it too high and it’s uncomfortable). The sensation will fade to a comfortable level after a few seconds and no need to increase it.

  1. Start increasing the stimulation intensity using the ‘+’ button and when the stimulation is painful and/or uncomfortable
  2. Reduce the intensity to the previous level using the ‘-‘ button. 

For your safety, continuous presses on the ‘+’ button will result in a gradual increase of the intensity.


What does the treatment feel like?

The device transmits electrical pulses. You will need to set the treatment intensity level by increasing it to the highest level that feels strong yet comfortable and painless. You may feel a strong sensation at first, but it will typically fade to a comfortable level after a couple of seconds. If the sensation is uncomfortable or painful, you should decrease the intensity. During the treatment you might experience a temporary sensation of warmth, local tingling, numbness in the arm, pain in the arm, or redness of the skin, which should disappear shortly after the end of the treatment. If you experience hand numbness and/or muscle twitching, try changing the location of the electrodes on the arm.

Can I perform treatments without an internet connection?

Yes, treatments with Nerivio can be performed without an internet connection and do not require Wi-Fi or mobile data. An internet connection is only essential when you sign-up or sign-in to the app.

The stimulation is not felt. What should I do?

Make sure that the protective film was removed from the electrodes, that the device and the app are connected, and that the treatment has started and had not been stopped or paused. Set the treatment intensity level so it feels strong yet comfortable and painless by touching the ‘+’ button in the app. If the stimulation is still unfelt, it is possible that the electrodes are losing adhesion strength. With the device off, use your finger to gently rub one or two drops of water onto the gel surface of the electrodes to improve their adhesion. If the adhesive surface of the electrodes is damaged, you should replace the device.

How many treatments can I perform with the Nerivio?

The device is good for 12 treatments of 45 minutes and once those treatments are completed, the device should be disposed of according to the instructions. To minimize moisture loss, when unused, the electrodes should be covered with the provided protective film and the device should be stored in its original package or in the travel bag. Also, before or after a treatment, rub the electrodes with your finger using a drop of water to improve their adhesiveness.

Can I use multiple Nerivio devices with the same user account?

Yes! The Nerivio app supports multiple Nerivio devices used by the same user. You can use them with the same smartphone or different ones. This is how this is done:

  1. Connect your first Nerivio to the app. The app is now paired with that device and you can control it using the app.
  2. You can connect a different device using the app with the same user using the “Connect” button on the treatment screen. Note that you can only connect to one device at a time so make sure only one device is on and that no treatment is in progress.
  3. So, you can have one Nerivio at home, another at work, and another to carry with you.
  4. Note that using the same Nerivio device with different user accounts will not work.

Will my information be shared?

Your privacy is very important to us and your personal information is stored securely. You can share your information with your healthcare professional by exporting your diary to a PDF which can be sent via email or social apps. Anonymous data may be used for marketing, scientific publications and reports. Your personal information, however, will never be shared without your consent.

What are the minimal smartphone requirements for the app?

The Nerivio app requires:

  • At least 4.7 inches multi-touchscreen with at least 720x 1280 pixels resolution
  • CPU of 1GHz or faster, internal memory of 2GB or more, and internal storage of at least 16GB
  • Connectivity capabilities of BT4.0 or above
  • Supported operating systems – iOS versions 12 or newer and Android versions 7 or newer.

How can I recycle my Nerivio device?

Theranica promotes and encourages recycling. We provide a prepaid envelope to send used devices for recycling. Contact us at support@theranica.com and provide us your mailing address. Please write in the email subject line: “Recycling request”.

Where can I find the Nerivio user manual?

Here you can download and print the user manual (version 2.4, January 19 2022). The user manual is in English and is applicable for iOS app version and Android app version  Here  is the quick start guide. You can also watch Important instructions for effective treatment here.

Is there any latex in Nerivio?

No. None of the materials we use contain latex.